Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Fun Way to Use up Christmas Stash Making Snowflakes

These fabric snowflakes are "no sew" flakes.  Using Steam A Steam2 double stick (not the lite one) and dare I say a glue gun.  They are fun to do and you can get instructions from, yes you guessed it, You Tube.   I didn't have a chance to photo all my flakes so I will edit this post later to show how they look with different fabric.  This combination (above) is slight boring as the colors meld together, but the dots and stripes make it interesting.

These can be made in different sizes.  They all involve six pieces cut and glued and glued some more. This one uses six 4x4 block pieces.
Snowflake on You Tube

If you are a purist and a glue gun has you cringing in dismay, try out this beautifully written tutorial, I just discovered myself.  Might have to try it out.   Be forewarned, it is hard to get the needle through the fabric, so get your thimble ready!
No glue tutorial

The first one I made was with 2x2 blocks and it was small enough to hang on my tree.  I glued a plastic bead in the middle.  Red on one side blue on the other.

 My husband said it looks like fall colors when I was wondering why I chose these colors.  He said my girlfriend could enjoy it past Christmas.

 I was wondering what this combo would look like above.

This blue one is for my coworker who is Jewish.  It has the star of David and other symbols on the white background cloth that celebrate Hanukkah.  Photographing them not hanging up is doing them injustice.

May the Holiday Season bring you a little bit more of your Wonderful Self!

Dressing up Water Bottles with Yarn

Greetings fellow humans, how goes it?  The holiday season is upon us and I have been busy making homemade gifts.  I've made 10 of these water bottle cozies. Unfortunately for the first few people who got theirs didn't come with this cute flower, which I learned to do after I got a book from the Library.   I got the main cozy pattern from You

The flowers are from here:

Don't you hate it when you can't remember if a water bottle is yours because they all look alike?  There probably is good chance no one will have a water bottle cozy like this if you make one.  They make cute gifts too.

My twin girls Audrey & Jamie showing just how cute you can look when you are holding a water bottle cozy.