Sunday, April 29, 2012

English Paper Piecing Hexi

My English Paper Piecing Hexi Stripe block completed.  Surprising to me was how hard it was deciding where the place the hexes, in what order.  I think I just got frustrated and started sewing them together and realized it was not in the order I liked, but fixed it by putting different hexes on the bottom of the one I started with.  Another surprise was how much I enjoyed hand piecing and hand appliqué.

You can see with the fabric choices why it was hard to decide where to put what.  I'm still not happy about putting two reds together.  Oh well, no big deal.

I have a feeling I may be a little behind on these blocks. With summer coming the girls need me to be with them outdoors.  I am almost done with my next block, better get on it.  Until next time, I bid you all adieu!

The Artful Bird

My husband took the girls up North to help his family open the cabin for the season.  This gave me the perfect chance to try out the Wren pattern from Abigail's book, The Artful Bird.  I knew my first time around would not result in a perfect bird, but I have to admit flaws and all, I do like my little Wren a lot!

As I was taking pictures of the little Wren I was mesmerized by the wonderful aroma of my Lily of the Valley.  Just love that smell.

I hope to get the chance to make another one with more thought out fabric.  I was imagining a yellow with two shades of black and gray.

Thank you Abigail.  I hope to make some more birds from your book and get better at bending the wire for the feet.

For a first time go at it, I was rewarded, in my opinion, with nice results.

Have a good day, and may the song in your heart find expression through your creativity.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

My Second Etsy Purchase

I was looking for some art print to put in our main bathroom.  I saw this print from Juri Ramanov here on Etsy and I thought it would be just perfect.  It arrived packaged well and the print was curled so I have been uncurling it for some time now.  I saw the perfect frame for it at the thrift store but it was $28.00, which was a lot of money for a thrift store frame.  If you donate items they give you a 20% off coupon so I didn't buy it.  Life got busy and I totally forgot about it.  When I went back to look for a helmet for Audrey I looked for it and of course it was gone. (boohoo) I had to settle for second best.  This frame below.  I do eventually plan on getting a different mat, but for now it will just look a little tacky-wacky, and that is ok.  I was thinking a green mat might look good. This frame cost $14.00 plus 20% off.

Below is a picture of just the owl without the tacky-wacky frame.

Is it or is it not Adorable!?  No wonder owls are so smart, they read all the time, even when they are relieving themselves of their bodily waste. (hehe).

Have a great day!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Works In Progress

I really wanted to post something this week, so I decided to post something I was working on. After making three faces I put this aside and now I can't remember what hook size I was using.  I'm sure I will figure it out.

Three heads are better than one.  I was having some issue making a head that looked good in her hair.

Her hair looks like a helmet, but a hat goes on top of it.  I still have to construct her other arm and decide which head she will have.  I am also working on my Craftsy block of the month too.  Scary how fast time is flying.

The weather has been a little unpredictable lately.  70's one day and 40's the next.  This day picture was taken on a warm day.  Audrey helped Sean pick dandelions.  She is so proud to be a good helper.  Every once in a while she likes to put on clothes she has outgrown.

When a snack attack happens, there is no time to wash hands.  As my father always said "you have to eat a pound of dirt before you die".  (my thoughts...if you eat a pound of dirt, you very well could die.)

My little Jamie's reading skills keep getting better and better.  She likes to read the dictionary from time to time.

A few really late Easter pics.  My husband is growing a huge garden this year.  I thought his green thumb was appropriate.

Lots of egg salad sandwiches will be eaten in April with me wondering why I only make egg salad sandwiches in April because they are so yummy.

Jamie finds a Golden egg with one hundred dollars inside.  No, I think it was a quarter.