Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I hope you had a wonderful Easter.  Our girls had a good time up in Virginia, Minnesota.  Friday it snowed 4 inches.  Saturday rain.  But Sunday, Easter... nice weather!

The girls color eggs for the first time.  Beautiful Katherine and her mother Bonnie help out.

Lots of spoiling of granddaughters.  Very wonderful experience of Easter by the girls.  I had a little negativity due to no running water.  Did not wash my face for two days.. yuck. Did brush my teeth.  Also, all the sugar made my girls embarrassing at times with their emotions running haywire due to sugar overload.  Those negativities I kept in check due to the great outdoors and generosity of spirit by Sean's parents.

I was so liking these big fluffy clouds.  Rain clouds moved out.  Snow is still on the lake.

What does this have to do with UFOs?  Nothing.  I just wanted to share my UFO but I digressed.

UFO because I can't decide if the colors are for a girl or a boy. I also can't decide if I like it.  Twin sized quilt top courtesy of Eleanor Burns pattern.  What a great Lady she is.

The blue fabric is of stars.  Thought it was a cute idea, but now I'm thinking a nice cream with patterned stars would be nice too.  I hope to finish it someday.

In our big galaxy a person can feel so small.  But I believe there are beings out there who love us in a way incomprehensible to our human brains. The biggest challenge is to love ourselves.  Somewhere inside us are pieces of a big, bright star.  I hope to let it shine.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Inner Child is Growing Up

My inner child has been in some despair lately.  She misses her creative outlet of sewing.  Working full time and having twin 3-year-old girls who stay up way too late leaves me no time to sew.  The girls stay home with their father all day, so taking time off work still doesn't do the trick. They miss me during the day and gravitate towards me as soon as I get home. They love that I will tend to their needs.  "I want milk:  "mama watch me do this"   "waaahhh, Audrey is not sharing"  "read me a book"

Well that is what being a parent is all about, right?  Sacrifice.  But sometimes a part of me misses sorely the ease of crafting before they came along.  When I do get to sewing the girls are right there playing with my butterfly pins, which I am always trying to tell them to not put into their mouths. They like sticking them into their stuffed animals like some kind of voodoo ritual. I tell them I need them to sew and not to lose them.  I always tell myself...one day you will wish they still wanted to be so near you -  touching, cuddling.  One day you will wish you took advantage of this time when they look upon you with big eyes of adoration.  And thinking this way does helps me and my inner child to grow up a little bit, or at least  to bid her time for free expression.   Some mothers (probably most) can do both.  I refuse to go down this path of thinking, as it leads to a dark cloudy pit. Comparing myself to others is at best just gross thinking and a total waste of time and emotions and seems to open wide the doors of negative thinking to come flooding in.  Been drowned in my own sorrows a few times to know this to be true.