Sunday, February 16, 2014

Another Doll WIP

I am having fun making my dolls.  The hair is the most challenging part for me.  The contrast between the flat painted hair and matching it with softer yarn or other hair-like substitute is hard.

My new doll is going to have blue, yellow and green combinations.  My daughter said this new doll looks like a mom.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I Joined The Doll Making Army

I am so glad I decided to take the online class with Danita Art (Idania).  Her instructions are generous and I got caught up in the passion of doll-making.

The picture above is how the dolls start out.  Mine is the one with all the fabric alongside two dolls.

I named my first doll Colleen.

I made numerous mistakes, which you can spot if you look at the pictures closely. But please don't do that, lol.  I really enjoy the process of making the dolls.  I feel a sense of relief when each step is completed and I haven't ruined the whole thing.  Maybe this happens the first time through, but will lessen with each consecutive doll.  I also love seeing all the other dolls made by the other students.  They are a wonderful bunch of gals!

My mind is already whirling with what the next doll is going to turn out like.

This is a funny picture below showing my weird sense of humor, with her sitting on top of a statue from Mexico of a fertility Goddess.

I seem to like red heads.