Monday, April 15, 2013

Here Fishy, Fishy

There are some patterns that make me smile.  That is what I happend when I saw Mimi Kirchner's Fresh Fish Pillow Pattern.  When I was cutting the fin fabric my mother, who was with me, asked me what I would do with the fish when I was done?  Well, not much.  Just look at it and smile, I guess.  Putting a smile on someone's face is doing something isn't it?  I get a rush of pleasure that lasts for about a day after I complete a project.  If it was a tough project with complicated instructions then the rush lasts longer.  A part of me  does a happy dance inside.  I could have gone with all the fins being plain blue fleece and I'm still not sure if that might have been better visually, but I thought the Free Spirit fabric would give it some movement and complexity.  I just love that pop of teal.   I want to see how durable the fish is so I'm giving it to my daughter Audrey to cuddle and play with and keep. I could tell she was happy. She said, "mom if you see the fish laying on the couch very still it's because it's laying eggs".  My other daughter, Jamie, wants one and of course I will make one for her too. The finished pillow measures at 24 inches long.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Tattooed Man Completed

I am really liking the high contrast fabrics of the Tattooed man.  I need to get better photos of his back and face.  I am being inspired by Mimi Kirchner's designs lately.  They speak to me and makes me wonder if she grew up in Minnesota (ha, ha, just feels like home).  I enjoyed getting to know the creator of these wonderful patterns by watching an interview on her on You tube. here

Fun, fun, fun, smiles!  I want to name him Titus from Gormenghast, as I listened to Titus Groan while making him. 

It has been cloudy and snowing, yes in April, so no better shots were taken of Titus.  This back shot is from earlier and I do not like it because the bottom slants.  I satin stitched the back of his head to make hair.  It took a long time.