Saturday, March 15, 2014

Doll #2 Puss & Boots

I finally finished Doll #2.  I call them Puss and Boots, only because I haven't decided on a name for my doll. The idea came to me while watching Danita show us how to make the boots.  I always wanted to make the kitty, but never did because I didn't understand the language the pattern came from.  Pictures did the trick and it was not complex, so I managed.  A picture can paint a thousand words, or at least just enough to get the job done, in my case.

I should have named this doll the do-over doll, because I wound up doing over so many things. To name a few, I redid the dress at least three times. It was too long and I couldn't see the boots, which seemed pointless to call it Puss and Boots if you can't see the boots.  I did the boots twice because I didn't  zig-zag down enough and the laces didn't criss-cross.  I crochet her hair several times using different size crochet hooks.  Deciding where to place the corkscrew curls was another lamenting endeavor, should it be higher, lower, or in the middle?  What to use for ribbon and shawl?  I auditions many materials and lace with nothing working until I finally decided to crochet her a shawl and to make ribbons from the materials used in her dress.  I kept thinking about a new doll I wanted to make, and wished I didn't have to do things over so I could be done with her already!  She was patient waiting for me to finish her. I imagined her looking at me with her big blue eyes as I fretted about.  If she could speak she might say..."it's fine the way it is, don't do it over".  "It's just artistic expression there is no right or wrong".  But to me it just didn't "feel" right.  I had to keep chipping away at it, redoing and redoing.  Something better would emerge, I was sure of it.  That was the way of it with this doll.  She is not perfect by any means, but she represents what I had imagined her to be.  I keep hoping when I do something over, it is a way of letting my intuition know I am listening to that nagging feeling that something doesn't "feel" right.  I hope my intuition is listening to me when I ask it to help me to be the best artist I can be.

The End. 

I really wanted to make the ducky and pink kitty too.