Sunday, September 30, 2012

August Craftsy BOM completed

I'm finally caught up to September.  I'll have September and October to do and then I will be caught up, yea!!!

I loved making the Ohio Star block.  It made me feel like I was rockin' my quilt world!  Then the next day when I worked on the Double Star block, I was knocked off my so-called pedestal and plummeted down to a day of frustration and backache from hunching over tearing out seams.  I think it was an ominous sign when I discovered the very first four squares to make my flying geese had to be ripped out because right sides were not facing each other - yee gads!  What happened to my MoJo from last night?  I am stubborn and I was determined to hump my machine across those thick seams and keep going.  Kind of like watching a train wreck.  Amazing how a block looks so much better when the points are going in the right direction.
Ohio Star Block
Double Star Block

I sewed the last row on two sides incorrectly with the white part facing in and had to rip it all out. I think what was frustrating me the most about this block was I couldn't square up my flying geese.  I have become addicted to squaring up as much as possible. It was reminding me of days gone by when I had no idea what squaring up meant.

Four blocks seen together

Audrey & Jamie visit a Fire Department

Monday, September 24, 2012


I had a productive day on Sunday and even managed to get in a nice walk with my husband and girls.  Today was also a nice weather day. We went the to school playground a few blocks down.

Working on July Dresden blocks  

I'm liking the Dresden blocks a lot.

Pinned and ready to be sewn down.  I love the scrappiness of it.  

Taking advantage of the nice fall days.

Where is my Toddler?  

Pre-school has been so good for her.  Jamie overcomes her fears in her own time.

Hard physical labor is not for her like it is for Audrey.  She is more the studious artsy type. I was happy she is trying to bike now.

They say having kids at an old age keeps you young.  I hope it is true.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Snapshot Saturday

I am trying to get my Craftsy's BOM caught up.  Yesterday my husband took the girls to the playground and I was so excited to cut some more fabric.  To my surprise before he left with the girls he had drawn up a bath with candles and soothing music.  I think I must have mentioned a thousand times how happy I was to get a chance to sew without interruptions.  Talk about mixed emotions!  I was grateful for the thoughtful gesture, but disappointed not doing what I really wanted.  So they took off and I headed upstairs to soak and steam.  It has been years since I've taken a bath and it was warm and relaxing. The candles put me in a meditative mood.

I didn't get a chance to post my Fun Fotos Friday, so it will have to be Snapshot Saturday, lol!

My girlfriend, Ruth and  family at the Rose Garden.

I stopped to smell this rose and it was heavenly.

The strangest looking carrots from the garden. They have the nice nutty taste when steamed.

My husband capturing a not so flattering picture of me. 
 Two of Jamie's favorite things to do, cuddling with mama and reading books.  We are reading The Duckling Gets a Cookie.  I had just gotten home from work, so excuse the dark socks.

One of many notes from Jamie to mama. I love you too Jamie.  I love you so much!

My Greek Cross read to be stitched.

May your failings from perfection be the most lovable parts of your personality.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Fun Foto Friday

Some more State Fair pictures.  The day was hot and humid, but Audrey & Jamie had fun at the Butterfly House.

I was surprised to see this picture after I took it.  I didn't realize she was looking directly into the camera with such warm, kind eyes.  She looks happy with the carnival life and not at all intimidated by the snake wrapped around her neck.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Peter, Paul & Mary

The other day the girls got to meet Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul & Mary at a book festival held by Target Corp.  We having been hearing Puff the Magic Dragon a lot lately.

Peter is a very friendly man, big heart and adores children.

This picture below is of Teacher Marcia.  The girls started preschool on the 10th.  I didn't cry but was teary a few times.

All went well and the girls are going to have fun.

I'm going to be turning 50 years old on Friday!  There is still a little girl inside me that finds being 50 hard to believe.

I'm not having a big party.  Just a few friends and hopefully a few laughs.  I plan on treating myself to the Canon Rebel T4i.  I'm hoping my company will give me a gift certificate for my 15 years with the company which also is in September. I saved their Christmas bonus. Every little bit will help as this is an expensive gift to myself, from myself because I am finally coming around to loving myself and know deep in my heart I deserve it!