Friday, May 27, 2011

Tornado Hits Minnesota - Oh My!

Yes, can you believe it?  Nothing like Joplin - (God bless the families and people of that city).  There was a little damage to Northeast Minneapolis.  Some looting went on, which makes me think how bad times are these days for some folks, who are in such dire need,  they have to loot.  It is like rubbing salt on those poor folks who were hit by a tornado.  I am so grateful for my everyday creature comforts.  Thank you God!  I can tell by the sky when tornadoes are brewing.  It turns a weird yellow-greenish color.  The picture below was taken after the major tornado threat was gone, but I thought the sky still looked lovely.

My girlfriend's birthday is in July so I have a month to finish her hand quilt wall hanging.  I could have gotten it finished if I had put my nose to the grind, but the quilt seems to morph A lot!  I thought pinwheels could frame her hands and some other healing designs but the quilt was not having anything to do with that.  So the pinwheels will have to go to some other quilt.  I hope flying geese will look good.

This was the first time I tried my hand at making pinwheels and I got better with each one.  The next photo shows the green ones, my first ones are real uneven.  My purple and orange ones are better because I trimmed my half triangles first.

The next photo is my homage to Soule Mama's "This Moment Fridays".  A single photo that captures a moment in your week.  Amanda is an amazing woman.  She blows my mind with 5 kids and is always flowing so much creativity.  You go Girl! (hehe)

It is o.k. to cry.  I feel tears are kind of sign language from the heart. (The heart stores memories that need to be voiced, but words are sometimes too painful. Tears are a way for the heart to speak without talking.)  Sadness is an emotion and emotions are a gift of being human. Lucky us!   I must be thinking of Joplin here going on and on about sadness.

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