Friday, June 17, 2011

Yo-Yo's and Flying Geese

I hope life for you is going good.  We are all circus performers as we try to juggle all aspects of our lives and still make time to let our creative selves have expression.

I actually have disciplined myself to make the border of my hand quilt.  I am choosing to try my hand at a multicolored flying geese border.  There is no time like the present to try something new, right?  Also, I  was delighted to try some yo-yo's.  Who knew yo-yo's were like potato chips.  You can't stop at just one.  They are so relaxing, fast and fun to make if you have the yo-yo plastic tool to help you.

I still need to make more flying geese to outline my quilt.  Then I have to decide how I want to joint the four corners.  I'm thinking a solid purple.  I can't believe how my quilt is turning to be more whimsical than spiritual.   I think it's cute nonetheless.

Above is a close-up of flying geese.  Below is a close-up of yo-yo's about the size of a nickel. Some turned out better than others.

A pretty Hibiscus!

My pretty flowers Jamie & Audrey.

Thanks for stopping by.  May your life be blessed with beauty!

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Nicole Morris said...

I see geese flying through colorful balloons. Definitely a peaceful spiritual kind of vibe. They look exactly perfect to me.