Saturday, October 29, 2011

Crochet Pot Scrubbies

I recently saw a post on pot scrubbies as I was checking out Penny's blog, who was a guest on Sew We Quilt.  I wound up buying a PDF on pot scrubbies from her. (This tutorial is free on on her blog Sew take a Hike) I made the PDF tutorial and was surprised at how annoying it was to crochet with netting.  I made the scrubbie one night when my husband was at his videographer's club meeting.  The next evening after work I visited my father in rehabilitation and when I came home he had cleaned the dishes and the entire kitchen using the scrubbie.  Later that evening he saw me making one and told me Audrey, my daughter, told him I made it but didn't believe her.  I'm thinking there is some magic in my scrubbie because next thing you know he is cleaning thoroughly the entire refrigerator.  My poor scrubbie was used and abused with all sorts of gunk.  I happened to be replacing my fridge baking soda so I poured some on my scrubbie and then poured a little bit of vinegar on it.  It bubbled and fizzed and after a couple of times, my scrubbie was free of gunk.  They can also be tossed in the laundry or dishwasher.  Well the story goes that when dear husband's father was visiting, they got to cleaning out two of the cupboards, one with my spices and the other a variety of things.  Grandpops cleaned the entire surface of my stove.  Maybe they did this because I've spent almost the entire month after work visiting my father in the rehabilitation center, but I like to think it was the special magic of these scrubbies.

I wound up watching four different you-tube tutorials and I started doing these scrubbies my own way, which was a little bit easier for a beginner like me.  You can tell with a few of them I didn't know what I was doing and they turned out wonky.  But I figure they get a little wonky after a few times of use so who cares.  Mine are double-sided and big like a big hamburger patty.

Here is a picture of my multicolored pot scrubbies.

This a picture of the back of them.  Four of the better ones are gone already to relatives and so were not included in the photo. 

I cut the netting into 2 inch strips.  Rolling them into balls helps soften them a bit and makes it easier to crochet with.  I use a J crochet hook and paid $8.00 for a hook from Clover Needlecraft to make my life easier making these.  The head has optimal shape for smooth crocheting.  I no longer find crocheting these annoying, but rather relaxing and addicting to do.

I intend to give one of these to my four coworkers in a goodie bag with some Stila lip gloss and See's chocolates. 

The first two peoples to leave a comment gets one of my magic scrubbies. You can even customize the colors you want.

 And swirling patterns can be made too.

Happy Halloween to you!!


Susan said...

What a great idea. I found you while reading one of Sandy's posts. I love to crochet and would love to have one. My kitchen is shades of purple, but just any old color is fine. Really cute!

Eat, Sleep, Quilt said...

Yaaay, scrubbies! I've seen them but never tried them... thanks for sharing, I'd love to have one ;O)