Thursday, July 19, 2012

Family Time

I have been having a great summer so far visiting with family.  The family just got back from Nelson's resort on Crane Lake. My daughter Jamie caught a cold and now it has grabbed me and is munching away at my energy.   It is a mild virus and I hope I can shoo it away with some good grubs from the garden.

Here are some pictures.

The girls had to go up and over this tree on the path for our hike.

My dad is getting older and I have a keen appreciation for the time left I have with him.

Vermilion falls always makes for a good picture.

My brother touches the water.

The resort put this dock in and our family had fun jumping off of it.

My sister-in-law and sister relaxing on floaties.  I like to see mothers relaxing.  I know I sure do appreciate it when I can get it.

A multiracial brood of kids keeps us busy.

Our home away from home.

A beautiful sunset.

What is it about sunsets that just seems to relax me?  I do love a colorful sunset!

Have a great weekend!

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