Saturday, April 6, 2013

Tattooed Man Completed

I am really liking the high contrast fabrics of the Tattooed man.  I need to get better photos of his back and face.  I am being inspired by Mimi Kirchner's designs lately.  They speak to me and makes me wonder if she grew up in Minnesota (ha, ha, just feels like home).  I enjoyed getting to know the creator of these wonderful patterns by watching an interview on her on You tube. here

Fun, fun, fun, smiles!  I want to name him Titus from Gormenghast, as I listened to Titus Groan while making him. 

It has been cloudy and snowing, yes in April, so no better shots were taken of Titus.  This back shot is from earlier and I do not like it because the bottom slants.  I satin stitched the back of his head to make hair.  It took a long time.

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