Friday, September 6, 2013

And So It Begins...Kindergarten

My girls do not impart information about their day easily.  I am so eager to know all that went on during the day but they seem to have forgotten most of it when I ask.  I get little bits and pieces at odd intervals.  When memories of the day pass through their mind and they want to tell me about this or that and I eagerly soak it up with interest.  They can earn Bear Pride certificates if the teacher thinks they have shown good examples of being polite, responsible, independent, determined and ethical.  So far Jamie has brought home two and yes it is only the second day.  Audrey brought home one. It says on the bottom of hers Great Job in Math.  Audrey is confused because she didn't do any math.  Well, that does seem strange.  They are both in the same class, but the teacher said she is going to have them at different tables.  It was interesting they both drew rainbows on the first day pictures.

Audrey & Jamie wearing plates that say Picked up.

Jamie is going to start ballet this Saturday.  Swim and art lessons too.  A very expensive month it will be $$$$-ouch!

I love all the beautiful skin tones I see.

Audrey's picture.

Jamie's picture.  She had a yellow before she changed to pink.

Audrey swinging after school.

Little critters bring delight.

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