Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Passage in Time

Yesterday we finally decided to shut off the lights on our big tree in the front yard.  It is always a welcome sight when it gets dark so early to see this big tree full of lights.  One year we decided not to do the lights and I missed it sorely.  This year was memorable because the girls would see the tree out the window and squeal in delight - amazing it seemed like every night like they were seeing for the first time.  When we first got the lights up, there were a few strands that were not working so I think the girls must have caught some of the conversation because every night it was "Christmas lights - they are working!"  Amazing isn't it!  Picture of tree with Audrey near it.

The other picture is one of my favorites this winter.  It is of Jamie on a sled she looks so introspective.  Audrey & grandpa Jim are way behind her.

Off I run to fuse some wonder under to some fabric.  I've decided to see what I can come up with using snippets of fabric.  Hmmmm snippets sounds vaguely familiar, LOL.

Live long & prosper!

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