Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ruby Doll from One Red Robbin

I had fun making this little Ruby Doll.  She is much cuter in person than in pictures.  I got this free pattern at One Red Robbin.  If you like to make dolls, you should give her a try.  I definitely learned a few things, like I should practice sewing around curves.  Also when sewing the legs and arms not to stuff them too much by the opening because the sewing needle has to go over this area.  Also I'm not sure if my seam allowance was 5 mm.  I just moved my needle over 3 times to the right on my Bernina. I wish I had used different fabric on the bottom of her dress.  I liked the bird but can't hardly see it when she is all sewed and stuffed.

I was going to take pictures during the making of her, but it got late and I forgot to take pictures towards the end.  Here are some during the beginning phase. I plan on making another one so maybe I can take pictures during the later phase.

Copying the pattern. I use my fine Sharpie.

I cut out each piece according to direction how many of each.

Assembled all pieces I would need. Multiple layers on top of each other.  Also took liberty to giver her a thumb, just a thing with me not liking the amputated hand look.

Sewed, stuffed and closed her appendages before continuing. (See how far right the needle is.  You definitely need an open-toe foot to accomplish the adjusting of the needle.)

This is where it started getting late and I just forgot to take more pictures. I did sew on her acrylic felt face after the body was done because I wasn't sure how well I would sew curves and didn't want to sew on top of her face.  I hand sewed it on with monofilament thread. The challenge with using monofilament thread was getting a knot at the end - wiry little bugger.

Have a great week!

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