Sunday, December 16, 2012

Woodland Elf

I finally finished my Woodland Elf.  I became a little obsessed in getting her pieced together to see how she would turn out.  I actually made three faces and am was surprised at how different each one looked.  I learned a lot of lessons and will have to jot down some pointers if ever I make her again.

First I would practice with the eyes.  Cannot practice enough in that area.  The hair which was needle felted on I don't even know how to judge my work.  I think this was easier than some other parts like the bead joints.  I made the mistake of making this too tight with string and the top and bottom part of her legs do not hang nicely.

The biggest surprise is her legs.  I'm not sure what I did wrong but I can't fold her in the middle to have her sit. ???  I don't know if I stuffed the top part of her upper leg too much or stitched it too tightly?  I'm going to email Shelly from Ginger Melon and ask how she gets her Woodland Elf to sit?  Only thing I can think of is to stitch her legs from the side.  It was a labor of love and one is not tied to a sewing machine, but I think I am ready to get back on the machine.  (Addition:  The ever gracious Shelly did suggest not stuffing the upper part of her legs by 1/4 inch so she can bend in the middle.)

My Woodland Elf named Melony, in tribute to her creator's blog name, Ginger Melon.

She looks good sitting on my Christmas tree.  You can't even tell she can't bend in the middle.  I hope to post another picture later when I get her crown done.

Now I need to clean up my mess from the kitchen table because Sean's folks are coming to stay tomorrow and I have so much cleaning to do.  I'd rather be playing with fabric.  Balance is good.