Sunday, December 30, 2012

Zippered Pouches

I have been having fun making these zippered pouches.  It has been a learning process with a few mistakes made.  It is a free online class from Craftsy here.  It is taught by Kristin Link from Sew Mama Sew.

The green one was the first one I made.  The one to the right of it I accidentally cut off the pull tab when trimming and was a good thing I did because it would have been sewed on incorrectly like what happened with the baseball one.  The tab is in the inside, dang.  On the bottom right one I put the pull tab right by the zipper.  Some people may think it doesn't look as nice, but it feels better ergonomically when pulling the zipper open.  I still have to make another one for my nephew so I think I will try putting in two zipper tabs, one on each end of the zipper.

I used up this fabric and put it in the inside for lining.

I think you could make these any size.  One would just have to add 1 inch in measuring fabric to whatever size zipper they are using.  Taking into consideration outside fabric and lining fabric measurements have to be the same.

One thing I do that helps is when trimming up, I lay the three fabrics (back lining, the front with zipper and the back) and trim up everything at once.  I still need to practice sewing in the zipper, but the pouch
comes out good even with imperfections.

Craftsy is so addicting with all the fun classes and talented teachers!

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