Thursday, January 24, 2013

Modified Zipper Pouch from Craftsy

I enjoy making these lined zipper pouches.  I always wanted to make one and the universe provided me with a free online class from Craftsy.  After making four of them I was wondering if I could alter the dimensions and make a purse.  So here is my modified zipper pouch into a cross-hip purse.

 The bag is wider than taller, which I think I did backwards, it should be a little taller than wider, oops.  Live and learn, or is it live and let live?

 I am itching to make it again with the bottom corners notched off for a nicer silhouette. My critical mind is saying it looks like pillow with straps. ("Really! shut that critical thinking off," I say to myself. Easier said than just about anything else in the universe, but enough said.)

Adding pockets was easy peasy.  I put the strap on top between the two outer fabric pieces, and had it come out the hole in the lining.  I had to unsew during part of the process because the strap was caught between the just sewed pieces, so next time I will be more careful of where the strap is during the whole sewing process.  I love having fun with fabric.   It is so cold here and both my girls came down with some bug that has irritated their respiratory system and there has been a lot of coughing.  This bright fabric reminds me of spring and makes me smile.

I hope the warmth in your heart keeps your toes and fingers warm too.

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