Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Winter Activities

Every time my husband suggested we take the girls out for ice skating I would inwardly cringe.  For some reason I just couldn't warm up to winter this year, ha ha.  Then in the space of a weekend we, as a family, wound up enjoying some fun winter activities.  Audrey tried ice skating for the first time, and we took advantage of the colorful backdrop at the Mall of America's Ice Castle for some fun  pictures.  So this blog post will be heavily pictured with wintery fun.

Audrey & Sean
 Little sleds are fun to rent.  Towards the end of our time there Jamie wanted to try skating too. Next time.

Centennial Lakes pond is long and winding and so pretty to skate on.

With several bridges to go under.
                                               Now on to the Mall of America's Ice Castle...

We are greeted by ice princesses at the Ice Castle.

The theme for day was find the dragon eggs.  The girls had fun looking.

There were a lot hearts at the Ice Castle.

I love this picture. I wish it turned out better and not so much camera noise.

I wish I had this for holiday pictures this year, although not a good one of Jamie.

I love sci-fi and fantasy, so these colored pictures are right up my alley.

Audrey & Jamie

Write you own caption.

On a side note, my sister-in-law's sister got married at Mall of America on Valentine's Day.  I don't know the details yet but she won a contest and the wedding was paid for.   She is the one in the pink dress (2nd marriage).

Missy, Dave and 10 other couples tie the knot on Valentine's Day at the MOA.  Pictures at the Ice Castle.

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