Sunday, March 17, 2013

Divided Basket Almost Completed

I remember when Anna, from Noodlehead, first showed on her blog the Divided Basket I was so impressed with it.  She said she was going to work on publishing the pattern, and I think she must have gotten a lot of positive responses for many of us wanted to make it.   The pattern seemed a little advanced for me, and as it turned out it was a bit of a stretch, and hence the almost completed title.  I show pictures now, but I do have to rip out a few stitches so I can do a better job on the top edge stitching.  I am so very glad I tried it because the pattern is just so lovely.  I used the fabrics I had on hand, but if you look on her Flikr there are lots of nice fabrics others have used to make the basket.  Most of the fabric's design I chose wound up on the bottom and I chopped off body on the top left, well what could I do?  I'll know better next time.  I do like the girl on the branch with an owl.

I'm not going to rip out the entire top edging, although I really should because it is so wobbly.  Dang it was tough.  I do have to rip out a few stitches near the right handle so I can stitch that little piece that came loose.

Anna makes these as baby gifts with diapers on one side and other baby essentials on the other. So darn cute!

If you're used to sewing though thick layers then this will come together like a breeze because her directions are very good, although I did get confused with the handle directions.  I think it would be a lovely bucket for knitting or crochet projects.

I go now to embroider a face on Tattoo man.  Whatever possessed me to sew him together when I am so clearly not proficient in embroidery I'll never know.  I do like to challenge myself.  Hope to post pictures of him tomorrow.

Have a great week!

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