Friday, June 14, 2013

The Inn at Sacred Clay Farm Bed and Breakfast

Recently my girlfriend asked if I would be interested in helping her plant some annuals at her sister's Bed and Breakfast at Lanesboro, MN.  I had heard of this big B&B so I accepted her invitation because I was curious and it sounded like fun to get away for a few days.  We had been getting so many cloudy days and on this weekend it cloudy, except for the day we planted the annuals. It was a nice warm and sunny.  One my new camera lenses was not working so I wound up bringing an older lens, which is not as wide and boy did I miss the wider 18 mm for house shots. The house was warm and beautiful and immaculately clean. If you are curious to see what the rooms look like, you can see them  here.

I was woken early by a red cardinal and there was a mist across the land.  I got impatient waiting for my friends to wake up, so I went for a walk looking for some cows.  They were hiding from me on this outing.

On another walk, my girlfriend and I ran into this misfortune nest and egg.

It feels good to slow down, to walk in nature with my camera.  

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