Friday, August 30, 2013

At the Butterfly House at the State Fair

This year Mother Nature played an unpleasant trick on us Minnesotans by pumping up the temperature just in time for the great get together - the State Fair.  With temps in the high 90's and the heat index even higher it was challenging to roam the fair grounds without feeling like one could faint from exhaustion.  And to rub a little salt in the wound the weather prior was the most perfect.  Bright and sunny with no humidity and with a slight cool breeze.  I had planned ahead and took the day off when kid rides were discounted.  It just happened to be the hottest of all days, 99 degrees with heat index of 110.  Somehow we managed to be at the fair for 10 hours.  My legs were sore for days.

My girls love going to the Butterfly House and I thought I would share a few of many pictures I took there.

I like Jamie's profile.

She looks like she is in a trance with the butterflies.

It takes some getting used to having the butterflies crawl on the face. Audrey doesn't mind.

I had several different pictures of Audrey with a butterfly on her nose.  This was my coworkers' favorite.
This one is my favorite

Happy Friday!

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