Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Crocheting Hats and more Hats

Lately I have had big plans on sewing bags and purses.  But there seems to be some block in my brain (fear of failure?) that is keeping me from sewing them up. So I decided to do some crocheting.  I started a cute Amigarumi called Kangaroo Kira.  There are a lot of parts so I wanted to get started.  Then my  relative who lives in Hawaii and is actually delivering or has delivered a baby girl wanted a boob beanie.  So I made her three.  Not sure of the size head her baby will have so I made several different sizes.  And I made another beanie (not a boob beanie) for my coworker whose daughter is going through chemo.  I hope the beanie I made fits her.  I'm not a beanie fan because they are so tight, and I have a flat head, but it might make her feel better to wear something pretty when the chemo makes her hair fall out.  I feel so bad for my coworker and her daughter. So, so scary.  All these hat patterns I got free off of You Tube.

For my coworker's daughter

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