Saturday, April 12, 2014

Impromptu Sewing

I recently saw my hands on a video clip my husband took of the girls.  They looked so much like my mother's hands.  Even the gestures.  Aging is a trip.  So many ways to view and accept this inevitability.  Aging gracefully I can tell will test all my willpower.  Willpower, something that seems to be tied with that hurt little girl that never had her day in the sun.  It does not make sense to me that hurt little girl should have so much power over such a powerful thing as willpower.  Most of us are either too busy, too confused to or too much of some other too to go deep to make the connection, to take back the willpower, and to heal.  Is it a straight line from A to B to healing?  Seems more like a spiraling maze to me.

This sad little bird, wishing it was an eagle.  Eagle the symbol of freedom.  Freedom from life's disappointments. Not knowing in it's own special way, his beauty, his uniqueness. Wasting his energy wishing for something that never will be.

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