Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Some Photos of my Life

We are getting a lot of rain in my neck of the woods.  I love how green the grass is looking these days.  My creativity these days seems to be focused on cleaning, purging and organizing.  I am always grateful when cleaning feels creative instead of the biggest creativity-sucking drag that it usually is, especially when you have too much stuff and not enough room to house it.  What I really need to clean and organize is my sewing area, which is in the basement; along with tons toys that the girls have outgrown but are not willing to part with, and tend to drop on the floor making walking a hazard.  For Mother's day I asked my husband for the use of his organizational skills and brute strength. Oddly, my main objective is to get to my Pilates machine so I can actually use it.  There may be hope for my expanding thighs yet.

So where are the photos you ask?  They are of Easter weekend. Photo snippets of my life.


Audrey with her bunny ears and Star Wars t-shirt

A patriotic turkey.  This turkey bewitched me into falling in love with it.

Easter morning

Ignore the arrow in the middle. It does nothing.

May your creativity rain down and nourish your evergrowing talent.

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