Monday, March 19, 2012

Craftsy Block of the Month March

My first block for March, the String Block completed.  Made with foundation piecing.  So fun to sew.  I found some pre-cut fabric at Tuesday Morning and wonder how it would look on my string block.  When I finished the block, I thought, oh how interesting.  Then I put the block down and a little while later happened to look upon it and thought how happy the colors were.  I had extra fabric already cut up and I knew I didn't want to do the other foundation block with the same colors (why not, I'm not sure), so I decided to play with the extra fabric and came up with this doll.

The colors are happy to me.

Foundation pieced doll made from leftover fabric.  I became overly ambitious having her hold some beaded wire that spelled out Peace, but it gets lost and may be distracting, so I will probably get rid of the beaded wire. I tried different designs with the beads and still nothing.

I was lazy about her back. I am really enjoying this block of the month by Craftsy and Amy.  I am trying out new blocks that I may not have gotten around to trying for many years.  I feel I've accomplished something but am not committed to making an entire quilt.  I'm looking forward to trying out the next type of foundation block.  So much fun!!

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