Sunday, March 25, 2012

Cup cozy and my big mouth

I spent most of my "craft time" this weekend crocheting a cup cozy for a coworker I hardly know because of my big mouth.  She saw my cup cozy on my desk and commented on it. Asking if I made it and how cute it was.  Well my ego was so appreciative of the compliment it made my mouth say some ridiculous thing like "would you like me to make you one?" I can tell you she didn't hesitate for one heartbeat to say YES.  I daresay I did not make haste in getting it done, but it started to nag in my conscience that I gave my word and I had better get it done.  So I whipped out my pattern and got going wondering why it was not turning out like the one I made for myself.  After struggling for awhile I realized I had incorporated what I liked from several patterns and did not at that time write the combined pattern down.  A lot of crocheting and then uncrocheting was going on this weekend (frustrating - as this was something I was just going whip up quickly - HA!).  She, (Jane) has a hoodie the color of the green in the cup and she looks rather good in it with her peaches and cream complexion. Well everyone knows this shade of green, which I will call Kiwi, goes very well with teal.  They compliment each other. I hope she likes (loves) it.  After making one for myself I realized I don't like the yarn too close to where I am drinking.  So that is why there is almost an inch of the cup exposed.

I feel guilty this cup cozy is not going to my sister.  I guess it will teach me to watch what I say when someone compliments my craftiness.  One good thing is that when I do make one for my sister I will probably crochet a line of teal on the bottom of the cup also.

The other goings on in my life are my girls.  Here are some photos of them growing up so fast.

All winter they talked about painting the sidewalk when it got warmer.

Starting some tomato seeds and saying hello to our friendly worms that aerate our soil.

We went to several thrift stores to find a used helmet, but wound up buying a brand new one so Audrey could try out her new bike with training wheels on it.

The entire family shared in this new milestone.  Is this considered a milestone?

It is one of my deepest wishes that my girls establish a close bond and will be there for each other throughout their lives.

I hope you have a wonderful week!

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