Saturday, June 9, 2012

Crochet Stripy Sock Puppy

I started this puppy on Memorial Day weekend driving home from Hayward, WI.  He is made with 100% cotton.  An amigurumi pattern from Lilleliis here.

A bit about Stripy, aka Bark

He is a happy little puppy and likes summer and being outside.  When he is not outside he likes to look out the window and wait for his chance to go out.

He likes to smell the grass.

But his favorite thing to do is to sit amongst the flowers and absorb their color energy through his stripes.  So far he has absorbed so much green it made is nose turn green.

He can't understand why the girls don't like him???  He doesn't care, because he loves himself too much to let his unpopularity with the twins get him down.

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