Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Day at the Beach

Our family enjoyed a day at the beach.  We tried out our new sunshade, which was nice for me because I cannot tolerated being baked by the sun for too long. And nice for the whole family, especially the girls.

I am not going to be available to post a picture on Friday so I thought I would post earlier in the week and share our fun time at the beach. I am addressing an imaginary audience here, but I'm ok with that.


 I chuckle inside when I see this picture above.  Something about the seriousness of the boys and because all four of them are just so darn cute in their little toddler stage of life. Also, taking pictures on the beach is challenging because it is hard to see what is in the screen.  I had no idea the boys were in the shot until I got home.

A boy is playfully being thrown into the lake

And then there is this tired lady, above, who doesn't have the confidence to take off her shorts in the water.  I still am grateful for having a body that doesn't require any medications.  Our sunshade is the blue thing to the right of me.

Our little sunshade, not too good on windy days at the beach, but enough shade for my family to lay under until the sun starts to creep in and we bend our legs like a bunch of wimps.  Sunburn is serious and I did find a few spots on my back where the sunscreen did not make it.

Have a sunny day!

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