Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Random Pictures of Life

I altered this photo and like the results.

This is the original

The temperature has heated up lately and combined with torrential storms that have unleashed a swarm of mosquitoes, we are challenged in enjoying the outdoors.  The girls were so cute running around in their dresses, and for the life of me I could not get a good picture of them with my point-and-shoot camera.  This picture below was the best I got. It looks like the tree is hugging Jamie and she is liking the love. Audrey looks like the tree is whispering something in her ear. My imagination, gotta love it!

Here are some pictures from a trip we took to Hayward, WI during Memorial Day weekend.

I love statues.  This one has a lot of movement.

Memorial Day
Girls pet a cute goat
These two animals share the same living quarters.

Feeding deer.

This huge Muskie is a big attraction in Hayward, WI.

Hi, can you see us in the mouth?

Hope you are sewing more than me. 

(Dear sewing machine, I have not abandoned you. We will resume where we left off in our love affair.)


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