Sunday, September 30, 2012

August Craftsy BOM completed

I'm finally caught up to September.  I'll have September and October to do and then I will be caught up, yea!!!

I loved making the Ohio Star block.  It made me feel like I was rockin' my quilt world!  Then the next day when I worked on the Double Star block, I was knocked off my so-called pedestal and plummeted down to a day of frustration and backache from hunching over tearing out seams.  I think it was an ominous sign when I discovered the very first four squares to make my flying geese had to be ripped out because right sides were not facing each other - yee gads!  What happened to my MoJo from last night?  I am stubborn and I was determined to hump my machine across those thick seams and keep going.  Kind of like watching a train wreck.  Amazing how a block looks so much better when the points are going in the right direction.
Ohio Star Block
Double Star Block

I sewed the last row on two sides incorrectly with the white part facing in and had to rip it all out. I think what was frustrating me the most about this block was I couldn't square up my flying geese.  I have become addicted to squaring up as much as possible. It was reminding me of days gone by when I had no idea what squaring up meant.

Four blocks seen together

Audrey & Jamie visit a Fire Department

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