Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Peter, Paul & Mary

The other day the girls got to meet Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul & Mary at a book festival held by Target Corp.  We having been hearing Puff the Magic Dragon a lot lately.

Peter is a very friendly man, big heart and adores children.

This picture below is of Teacher Marcia.  The girls started preschool on the 10th.  I didn't cry but was teary a few times.

All went well and the girls are going to have fun.

I'm going to be turning 50 years old on Friday!  There is still a little girl inside me that finds being 50 hard to believe.

I'm not having a big party.  Just a few friends and hopefully a few laughs.  I plan on treating myself to the Canon Rebel T4i.  I'm hoping my company will give me a gift certificate for my 15 years with the company which also is in September. I saved their Christmas bonus. Every little bit will help as this is an expensive gift to myself, from myself because I am finally coming around to loving myself and know deep in my heart I deserve it!

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