Saturday, November 24, 2012

Fenwick the Fox

While my sewing machine was getting looked at I thought it was the perfect time to try a handmade pattern by Shelly from Gingermelon.  She was offering a relief sale for hurricane Sandy.  All proceeds would go to help Sandy victims through the Canadian RedCross to help Americans.  I hope I got that right.

I felt this was a win-win opportunity for me.  Help Sandy victims and purchase a Gingermelon pattern. Yea!  I purchased Fenwick the Fox and Woodland Elf patterns.  I am really excited about the Elf pattern but decided to get a feel for hand sewing on felt with the fox pattern first.  The tiny pieces make it go fast.  I bought quality wool blend felt, which is strong and will hold the stitches here.   Gingermelon shop link is here.

I looked for 7.5 mm eyes but could only find 6.5 mm so I tried to embroider around it, but with the safety plastic behind the eye, I found it easier to make an eye shape.  Unfortunately, he looks a little different because he looks a little sly now.  Sly fox...hmmmm, giggle.

He is sitting on snow.   Strangest weather day on Thanksgiving starting out around 50 degrees and then  by evening it dropped down to 20's and snowing.  I actually like the white covering.  Makes all the beautiful lights in the neighborhood a little more merry.

I am thankful for my family and also the ability to see and sew.  I'm thankful for all the talented artists out there sharing their patterns.

Have a great weekend!

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