Thursday, November 1, 2012

Friday's Fall Foliage and Frights

I don't have any sewing or craft pictures to show so I thought I would share some fall and Halloween pictures.

This picture reminds me of a cheerleader, above. Yea, rah, rah!

Something about the crunch, crunch of the dried leaves and that organic fall smell that is so captivating.

I normally don't post blurry pictures, but this picture kind of reminds how slow life moves when one is little, but becomes somewhat of a blur the older we get.

Another hat this one made for Audrey.

Sorry this post is heavy with pictures...

Now onto all Hallows Eve....

It was relatively chilly so the girls wore costumes that enabled them to layer underneath.

I got them to say "Trick or Treat" real loud, but the "Thank you" after was sporadic.

Look at all those treats!  Our young neighbors were real troopers letting me take a picture of them.

Happy Halloween!

    Who is that scary clown following us?

                        It's Daddy!

Thank God for our body's ability to make insulin so we can consume all this sugar!  Let's go on a roller coaster blood sugar ride!  No, actually my girls have no problem eating only one piece of candy a day.  After a few days, the candy goes on top of the fridge and hopefully they will forget about it and I can bring it to work...or is that wishful thinking??

The lollipop turned their tongue black.  Neat trick for a yummy treat.

Black, yummy goodness.. the lips cannot tell a lie.

Happy November... oh yea, a new Crafty BOM video today. I must go check it out!

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