Monday, November 26, 2012

More Fabric Coasters

Yes, it is that time of year when gift ideas for Christmas presents come in handy in blog land.  By popular demand here is my version of how to make one 3.5 inch fabric wine coaster.  (Warning... 20 pics.)

Cut six 4 x 4 fabric squares, three in one color and three in another color.  My 4 x 4 square ruler comes in handy.

Six cut pieces of fabric and one 4 x 4 Warm and Natural batting.  I also use some craft glue instead of pins to keep the pieces in place.

Iron flat on the diagonal (triangle shape) four pieces, two in one color, two in the other.

Lay one square piece right side down and then lay the cotton batting on top.  I put a dab of glue around the corners and one dab in the middle.

Put the last square right side up on top of batting.When turned inside out, this will be the back.

I dab a little bit of glue on the three corners.

Place the triangle piece on top with perpendicular corner to bottom left side.  Don't press the upper left corner too hard with fingers because you have to lift it later.

Alternating colors, place another triangle piece with the perpendicular corner facing lower right side.  You can press the glued corners on this one.

This would be the third triangle with the perpendicular corner facing upper right side.

Last triangle start to put in place with the perpendicular corner facing upper left, but part of it has to go under the first piece of triangle fabric.

Fold part of the first triangle back and lay half of the fourth triangle underneath it.

Lay the last triangle piece so the corners match the edges.

Put the first triangle piece on top of part of the fourth triangle piece.  All pieces should align so it looks like a 4 x 4 square.

Take to sewing machine and sew 1/4 inch all around.  This is turned in the middle so all sides get stitched down.

Clip corners and grade down leading to corners, careful not to clip stitching.

See the hole in the middle? turn inside out through that hole.  It will feel like you have to go through four layers.  Just keep fiddling until it looks right and is turned inside out.

Use your favorite tool to get the corners out as much as possible.  I can't get mine all the way out.  Just too many layers in there.

I like to give it a light press to make it look nice after the stress of turning.

This how the back looks.

Open the middle and wrangle a wine glass in it.

A little coaster that goes with the wine glass wherever it wants to land.  ( If you are up to it and are feeling generous, why not make a pot holder too in matching fabric? Here is a visual on You Tube here.  Remember to use Insul Brite for heat resistance.)

Oh my Goodness, such hams! I'd like to say a cheer to photo-bombing toddlers who are always reminding me to not take myself so seriously.

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