Friday, June 20, 2014

Dance Recital

The girls experienced their first dance recital on June 19th.  I was so proud of them.  Audrey has really gotten into Darth Vader and Star Wars.  She likes Darth's impressive outfit, not his dark side, I hope.  I noticed a boys t-shirt with Star Wars characters on it at Target on the clearance rack and gave it to her.  She fell in love with it. I think her kindergarten teacher who has boys also commented on how much she liked it.  I really had to encourage her to not wear it to school every day.  The girls were with me at Target another day to get some tennis shoes for Audrey, who is developing so rapidly and outgrowing everything.  Audrey saw a Bat Man shirt and wanted it along with matching baseball hat and sunglasses.  Some girls do ask her why she likes to wear boys clothes and some boys tell her they like what she is wearing.  Her hair is past the middle of her back so I don't think one can mistake her for a boy.  She loves to wear comfortable boys t-shirts most of the time.  So for me to see her in her ballet costume looking so girly was such rare treat!   In the last picture they are with a friend they met in class.

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