Saturday, January 14, 2012

Embroidery WIP

I have been working on getting the quilt of my girlfriend's hands completed.  I am enjoying the process of how this quilt seems to have a way becoming so different than what I had first envisioned.  I would never have imaged this embroidery going on it, but here it is.

I never thought a backstitch would be challenging or even a french knot and a lazy daisy.  I think even as little as 5 years back I would never have the patience for embroidery.  I guess having children does give you enjoyment in slowing down.

This is the first time I've ever embroidered a lazy daisy.  So for me, I post it, flaws and all and am proud of my efforts.

I hope you will be getting some good news.  Nothing is a lost cause when you have faith.  I'm still working on what faith means to me.  Faith feels like a loaded word. A word so easily popped with the prick of negativity...and yet a life line out of negativity... kind of complex for me.

Found these dove pictures. I see the dove as a symbol of hope and change, but in the pictures below the dove represents peace and life.

Artist: Pawel Kuczyski

Artist: Rafal Olbinski

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