Sunday, January 29, 2012

Crochet Madness

I feel life is conspiring to make it hard for me to sew lately.  First we had 9 windows replaced, which meant cleaning and organizing and moving heavy furniture. Then it was deep cleaning of rugs (mainly done by my husband) but more moving of heavy furniture and cleaning.  A visit from my sister from Massachusetts and now organizing the basement where we have been putting "things" that the girls have outgrown or we just don't want upstairs in case the guests we plan on having over for the girls 4th birthday party want to move downstairs.  More cleaning and organizing.  I just want to sew!!!  Thank goodness when I take breaks and put my butt on the couch I can at least crochet! I've made a soap saver (hanging in my shower), a bath mitt for the girls and a coffee cup cozy.  I tried the cozy today and I think it did keep my coffee warmer longer.  I'm going to bring it to work.

Bath Mitt

Audrey gets clean with a crochet 100% cotton bath mitt.

Previous windows

Workmen working in subzero weather. 

New windows.  So happy we can open these windows now!
My girls seem to be mocking my cleaning effort by making toy displays all over the house like this one on the stairs.  When I ask them to clean they say "I don't have energy to clean".  Ahem, that is my line, girls!

I hope you have a nice week.

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