Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Artful Bird

My husband took the girls up North to help his family open the cabin for the season.  This gave me the perfect chance to try out the Wren pattern from Abigail's book, The Artful Bird.  I knew my first time around would not result in a perfect bird, but I have to admit flaws and all, I do like my little Wren a lot!

As I was taking pictures of the little Wren I was mesmerized by the wonderful aroma of my Lily of the Valley.  Just love that smell.

I hope to get the chance to make another one with more thought out fabric.  I was imagining a yellow with two shades of black and gray.

Thank you Abigail.  I hope to make some more birds from your book and get better at bending the wire for the feet.

For a first time go at it, I was rewarded, in my opinion, with nice results.

Have a good day, and may the song in your heart find expression through your creativity.

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abby glassenberg said...

I love your bird! You really did a great job! I'm going to feature it on the Abby Glassenberg Design Facebook page. It's really wonderful!