Saturday, April 21, 2012

My Second Etsy Purchase

I was looking for some art print to put in our main bathroom.  I saw this print from Juri Ramanov here on Etsy and I thought it would be just perfect.  It arrived packaged well and the print was curled so I have been uncurling it for some time now.  I saw the perfect frame for it at the thrift store but it was $28.00, which was a lot of money for a thrift store frame.  If you donate items they give you a 20% off coupon so I didn't buy it.  Life got busy and I totally forgot about it.  When I went back to look for a helmet for Audrey I looked for it and of course it was gone. (boohoo) I had to settle for second best.  This frame below.  I do eventually plan on getting a different mat, but for now it will just look a little tacky-wacky, and that is ok.  I was thinking a green mat might look good. This frame cost $14.00 plus 20% off.

Below is a picture of just the owl without the tacky-wacky frame.

Is it or is it not Adorable!?  No wonder owls are so smart, they read all the time, even when they are relieving themselves of their bodily waste. (hehe).

Have a great day!

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