Sunday, April 29, 2012

English Paper Piecing Hexi

My English Paper Piecing Hexi Stripe block completed.  Surprising to me was how hard it was deciding where the place the hexes, in what order.  I think I just got frustrated and started sewing them together and realized it was not in the order I liked, but fixed it by putting different hexes on the bottom of the one I started with.  Another surprise was how much I enjoyed hand piecing and hand appliqué.

You can see with the fabric choices why it was hard to decide where to put what.  I'm still not happy about putting two reds together.  Oh well, no big deal.

I have a feeling I may be a little behind on these blocks. With summer coming the girls need me to be with them outdoors.  I am almost done with my next block, better get on it.  Until next time, I bid you all adieu!

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Michele Pacey said...

I think you did a great job! Aren't the little hexies fun? I think I'm a little bit addicted... :)