Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bad Battery & Table Topper

I was resigned and secretly wishing I would have to buy a new laptop.  I took my laptop to the Geek Squad and discovered I had a bad battery.  So, I am stuck with my slower than slow laptop for a little longer.

To tell the truth I haven't had a desire to sew much.  My sewing area in the basement is a total mess and cold.  I have so many projects to finish I feel overwhelmed.  I feel inner conflict fighting inside me, with me wishing for a better outcome in which I clean my sewing area, and get busy completing my projects.

I discovered this table topper tossed in a box.  I was disgusted with the colors I chose for this Christmas table topper.  I really liked the pattern, but the red & white was just not too impressive to my eyes.

I look upon it now with gentler eyes.

It still looked out of place on my table.

Putting a candle in the middle seemed to balance it out somehow.

A little note about Jamie & Audrey... they are gaining independence by removing their clothes.  Because they can.  Sometimes I come home from work and see them running around with no pants on. I shiver because our house is drafty.  I guess they burn warmer with the blood not having to travel too far to their limbs and their arteries not so clogged .  Ahhhh to be young again!

Have a great weekend!

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