Tuesday, March 1, 2011

How does one rate oneself? Amateur but not a newbie am I!

I have sewn on and off for several years.  I am blown away by the talented quilters and bloggers which I just recently discovered at the end of 2010.  Where have I been?  Obviously with my head in the sand.  I thought I would post tons/a few pictures of some actual sewing I have accomplished. Please keep in mind my amateur but not a newbie rating. :-)
A mug rug  in which I had a hard time with not chopping off those edges, darn! This was before I got the cutting ruler.

I bought the perfect half square and quarter square cutting mat and my sewing improved greatly.

Another mug rug
Here are some curtains I made.  I just looked at some curtains that were already in the room and followed them  for fabric amount and length.  I chose not to stuff them with plastic shopping bags so I could see the light coming in from behind.

My tools to make a polar fleece crib sheet.

This pattern looked really cute in the fabric store.  It doesn't go with the girls room, but oh well.

This is my first try at a fabric flower and of trying a template that was not meant for sewing, but for stain glass. 

This picture has nothing to do with sewing, but we all know life happens!  17 inches Sunday through Monday and I get stuck. My husband helps me out.

Another polar fleece crib sheet in actual use by my daughter Jamie.

My girls having fun with play doh. Looks like swiss cheese to me.

I believe this is a Reva Roark applique pattern.  Must make another one for a keepsake for my girls. Her clothes and shoes are pieces of fabric leftover from the curtains.

The inspiration for the fairy came from this stain glass window book.

Here is the pattern.  I had fun coloring it in with fabric.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures.  

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Eat, Sleep, Quilt said...

Hi Sue, I like your mug rugs, such tiny pieces! How did you manage those half-square triangles in that tiny size? Did you free-hand draw the pictures on them?

I like scrappy, so these are right down my alley, especially with the bright colors. Great job on the pictures and on the stained glass adaptation. Keep up the good work!