Thursday, March 3, 2011

Crafty Photos and a Watermelon gone haywire

They always told me when I was young not to eat a watermelon seed, because a watermelon will grow inside your tummy.  I just don't remember swallowing a watermelon seed let alone two, hmmm (ponder)...
My coworkers would always joke that from behind no one could tell I was pregnant.

Well the seeds took root in my heart and my little bundles of Joy were born! They were so cute I just couldn't resist doing some "cutsie" pictures of them.

Most cameras these days have the option to select a color while the rest goes black and white. Interesting effects can be achieved with this option.

This is Audrey  (above) wearing a baby headband with some flowers hot glue gunned to it.

This is Jamie looking like a plump little pudding pudge.

Time is limited in how long one can wait to get shots like these.  They outgrow those pots so quickly.  I was happy to get this shot.

Here is a picture of the quilts I made them.  Made with leftover stash from the curtains, bumpers and crib skirts.   Simple squares with flannel backing.

Have a great Friday!


Eat, Sleep, Quilt said...

You must have swallowed two seeds, lol. What a blessing! I like the quilts you made from "freebie" (leftover) fabrics, they are so colorful. I spend so much time planning every little detail of some things, they never get done, more's the shame.

I salute you for making those tiny 1-1/2" squares! My patience doesn't extend down that far, LOL. I think it stops some place around 2". Great idea using the cards, they add a spark to your mug rugs. I had to laugh when you said the designer offered you a cruise.


Madame Samm said...

Sue great shots and delightful babies...I wish I had taken a pic of my belly like that when I carried tummy was 54 inches around, they were big twins...Love your pot shots lol.