Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Few Tips When Making Softies

The year 2010 was the first time I tried to make a softie (stuffed toy/animal).  I was so proud of myself after I completed the project.  Reading patterns can be like doing a jigsaw puzzle.  Kind of confusing at first, but after studying it, the brain clicks and progress is made.  These softies were made from left over polar fleece fabric.  You will recognize the bear fabric from the crib sheet in an earlier photo.

What I learned from this little bear is the need to stuff, stuff and stuff again.  Over time all the weak points show up, as you can see in his left arm, a creased has formed because there is not enough filling.  Also, one has to be diligent about marking the fabric. especially for eye placement.  The left side is lower than the right.  Poor thing is lopsided. Also to clip around the whole sewing area, making sure to not clip the thread.  This makes it look 100% nicer when turning it right side out. Tedious, but so worth it!  This bear was not a big hit with the girls.  Soooo one has to wonder why I made another one????

I asked Audrey to pose with the bear and she thought it was funny to pose with a finger up her nose.  She has a sense of humor this one!

I think I made new brain cells making this elephant.  Trying to keep the nose, face and neck holes straight was a challenge.  Also making sure the ears hung correctly.  A good tip to remember when  sewing with multiple layers of polar fleece is to set the stitch length as big as possible and sort of baste a section that is tricky.  Basting crunches the polar fleece down and the walking foot isn't struggling as much.

I have too many projects to do before I can attempt another softie.  This time I will give it away because my girls are not too thrilled with them.  Although, they do know mommy made it for them.  But no emotional attachment like I envisioned as I put them together.

Thanks for dropping by.  Have fun sewing!

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