Thursday, March 24, 2011

Milestones, Dress-up and Where Did I Put It?

The girls have hit a milestone in their lives.  The transition to toddler beds.  The first night we decided to take down the cribs and put the toddler beds in was on a Tuesday.  Why we chose to do this on a weeknight I will never know.  Their newfound freedom was like an elixir that kept them up and running around in their room till at least 1:30 am.  I had to work the next day, but I refrained from going into their rooms and ruining their fun.  We have had to say bye-bye to midday naps.  So sad!  The beds start at opposite ends of the room but in the morning who knows where we will find the beds.

The girls try out their new beds.

This how we find them after a late night of romping in their new freedom.  I see they took off their pajamas. 

The last few days the girls have been wanting to play dress-up.  Jamie is a princess and Audrey a dragon.

Jamie likes feeling feminine.  She is good at it.  The more adornments the better.

A pretty witch in this shot.

Some sort of bumble bee fairy in this outfit.

Oh, and the snow still comes.  My sister lives in Texas where it is 70 to 80 degrees.  Must be nice.

I took a workshop making this pattern.  I cannot find the pattern.  It was a paper piecing pattern.  High maintenance pattern, but worth the extra effort.  I hope I didn't throw it away.

I did organize a closet trying to find this pattern.  Now to get that organizing energy downstairs where my magic happens.  

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