Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Running on the treadmill of time

Feeling a little sleep deprived today.  My perimenopausal sleep patterns sometimes make it hard for me to get a good night's sleep.  So I am learning to operate on a deeper brainwave, like the wavelengths that are happening in REM state, so it feels to me.  Where did the day go?

Linda from Eat, Sleep, Quilt asked me a few questions on my last blog, and I am happy to have answer them.

Question #1.  How do I make the tiny half squares?
Question #2.  Did I draw the pictures on my mug rugs?

Linda, I bought a cutting ruler that is simple wonderful by June Tailor.  I feel it is going to bump my sewing projects up a notch.  The pictures were printed on Inkjet printable fabric.  I am going to post some pictures and show my findings.

This cutting ruler is so helpful. I put a white piece of paper in the back of it so you can it better, but what it doesn't show is the right and left edge where it helps to mark the sewing lines on the left and the right is the cutting slot. (love this cutting ruler!)  I got the instruction for the tiny half squares from the book Traditional Mini Quilts.

Instructions says to trim each piece to 1-1/2 inch square.  Hey that is the smallest size on the cutting ruler and with them being so tiny, the ruler is helpful.

Louise Hay's Power Thought cards are so colorful and fun to look at.  I emailed her corporation for permission to use them.  She never officially said yes, but she didn't say NO either, just invited me to a cruise that would change my life.  Having twins changed my life so much already, I just wasn't ready for more changes at this time.

I can fit four cards on a sheet.
I haven't used this brand yet, but to the left are some I have in mind to use to make more mug rugs.  

Add a few borders and some pieces of stash and there you have it. This one doesn't have any half squares but a hint of  a log cabin.

I hope you all have a wonderful day.  May you be blessed with a smile today!

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