Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Gingercake's Winter Caroler

I have been wanting to try out Gingecake's winter caroler for almost a year now.  As with all my projects, it just got pushed to the back burner.  I am so happy to have accomplished this goal in a few hours this evening.  I had been wondering how would it look if I printed out my girls faces on fabric and then tried this tutorial?  Well I got a new laptop and my Macbook pro would not recognize my printer.  Then just the other week I came upon some Christmas fabric with some cute faces on it for 50% off and I wanted to try it.  Not that the tutorial's face isn't just adorable, which I do want try that one too.  I haven't had time to go to Goodwill and get some tweed or other wooly fabrics, so I just used up some fabric I had for her body.  I'm not used to using the zigzag stitch.  My face shifted a little but now she looks like she is tilting her head.

There are several faces on this fabric I want to make carolers out of.  I think they are just so cute!  My little Jamie's eyes lit up when she saw the caroler.  Not as much as when she is allowed to play on my iPod, but I'll take what I can get.  My Audrey frowned and backed away.  She was not impressed and said she would rather play with her puppy.

Have a great day!

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