Friday, December 23, 2011

Hurray, I'm Done!

My last fleece money holder is complete!  I'd like to introduce you to Bowling Pin Girl.

I call her Grace because it was by the grace of God she became complete.  Not having any idea what I was doing, just getting inspiration from this picture.  I learned so much from making her. Mostly from my mistakes. Her head was not suppose to be like a bowling pin, but I actually cut her form out before sewing and sewed her face on without stabilizer and the fleece gathered shrinking her head to the size it is now.  She is a happy gal who likes her misfit pals and is very affectionate with them.  Jester man doesn't mind but he gets a little nervous with all her affection because she can get carried away and gets entangled with him making him feel a little claustrophobic.  That's when he gets bunny and politely excuses himself with a chore that needs doing. He is sure skeletoR is calling him.

She adores bunny because he is her favorite color, purple.

The making of Bowling Pin Girl.  This was my solution for where to put her limbs while sewing her  bowling pin frame.  I basted her limbs on before assembly.

Well it's off they go to start another adventure in a different house with different kids, 3 boys & 1 girl.

Friends come in all sizes, shapes, color and disposition.  And that's just describing my multiple subpersonalities, when I try and befriend myself.  (LOL)  One should not be blogging at 12:46 am... good night/morning.

p.s. The ugly chair is actually very comfortable.  Can you believe I have two of them!

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Cathe P. said...

How inredibly darling. Just found your site from "Sew we quilt". I think. Do you have patterns for your animals? Haven't gotten any farther, yet.