Friday, December 16, 2011

My First Attempt at a Bavarian Crochet Hat

I think Bavarian crochet is so unique.  I took a book out of the library and tried to follow the pattern for a hat and scarf.  I finished the hat and was disappointed that I deviated from the color scheme that was in the book because the colors I chose did not optimally show off the hat.  I really feel I learned a lot and that my crochet skills grew from the experience.  There is magic in the process of creating.  It is delightful to do a great job and to cherish the end result, but the end result is not where the magic is, am I right?  So with kind eyes, I look upon this hat.  Is it perfect? No, but the process was magical because it was real hard at times trying to figure out the pattern.  I wanted to call a teacher, to ask someone for help, and for someone to give me an answer immediately.  But I had to be patient, and to look and study the pattern, to wait for an idea to develop that would gave me a clue as to where my hook was suppose to go next.

The hat was made for me, but I had my daughter, Audrey try it on for the pictures.

My daughter has a terrible habit of sucking on blankets.  I didn't realize while taking this picture she snuck the blanket back in her mouth.

My inspiration is the picture above.  I should have chose the pink and purple color combo.  I chose my colors because I have a jacket that is purple and the multicolored yarn was so pretty.  Oh well live and learn!

Holiday shopping is making me feel like my girls.   Like the world is upside down, but still fun!

Pretty soon one of my favorite days, winter solstice.  I like knowing we will slowly be getting more daylight!!

Good bye, good bye!

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